Hack@Brown is all about learning. Spend a weekend with us and 500 other students to take a step out of your comfort zone. Use Hack@Brown as an opportunity to experiment with a new platform, API, or that idea that’s always been in the back of your mind!

Whether you’re building your first website, dabbling in Photoshop, or hacking with an Oculus Rift, Hack@Brown is for individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.

This year, our theme is ‘Campfire.’ Get ready to experiment, design, and create.


Hacking ends at noon on Sunday, January 29. Your project must be submitted to the correct tracks on both Devpost and our project submission form by then to be eligible for judging and prizes. If your project is code-based, we ask that you submit a GitHub link. If not (i.e. Design Track), we ask that you submit a Figma link, wireframe screenshots, or some way for us to see your work. While Devpost will give you some questions to help describe your project, answering these questions is optional and will not be considered during judging.

Shortly after hacking ends, we will release a spreadsheet of table assignments for judging, which will happen completely in-person in a science fair-style format. You’re welcome to walk around and look at other teams’ projects, but make sure at least one member of your team is at your assigned table throughout the entire judging process. You can expect at least two judges (exact number will vary based on which prize track your project is submitted to) to come to your table. Each time a judge comes, you’ll have five minutes to demo your project and answer any questions that arise. There’s no need to create a video showing off your project since everything will happen in-person!

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$7,066 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

Nintendo Switch | MLH Fellowship Fast Track Interviews + MLH Winner Pins

Best Climate Hack

Fitbit Inspire 3

Best Community Hack

Keychron V2 Mechanical Keyboard

Best Design Hack

FujiFilm Instax Mini 7+

Best Hardware Hack

Grove Starter Kit for Arduino

Best First-Time Hack

JBL Flip 5 Speaker

Wolfram Award (10)

One year subscription to Wolfram|One Personal Edition

Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Award (2)

$250 split across each team of 4

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Register a .Tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend for your chance to win a Domain.com branded backpack for you and each member of your team! Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. The more creative the domain the better!

Most Creative Use of Twilio

Twilio allows you to incorporate mobile messaging, phone calls and a ton of other awesome communication features right into your hackathon project using a web service API. Are you building an e-commerce website and want to send text notifications or email confirmations once an order is completed? Or maybe you'd like to verify users based on their mobile numbers? Twilio makes all this possible and more. Build a hack that simplifies your life using any Twilio API for a chance to win a Twilio Swag Box & GameGo Console ! Get started with $50 in free credit

Best Accessibility Hack sponsored by Fidelity

Fidelity Branded Wireless Charger At Fidelity, accessibility is viewed as a major key to the success of their business, which is why they are challenging you to come up with innovative ways to make tech more accessible! We want you to use your hacking skills to find and build solutions that put opportunities and resources within reach to all communities. The team with the best accessibility hack will win a Fidelity branded wireless charger for each team member!

Best Use of Velo by Wix

We know how difficult it can be to create a phenomenal website in a short period of time, especially when it comes to hackathons. Velo by Wix cuts down your development without sacrificing on functionality! With a built-in database and fully customizable JavaScript front-end and back-end, you can develop a full-stack application directly in your browser. With Velo, all the tools you need are conveniently located in one platform! Build your hackathon project with Velo by Wix for a chance to win Wacom Drawing Tablets for you and each of your teammates.

Best Use of Microsoft Cloud for Your Community

Prize: LinkedIn Premium 12-Month subscription and Xbox Ultimate 3-Month Game Pass Bring your idea to life using the Microsoft Cloud - automatically build and deploy a full stack web app from a code repository, create and train a Machine Learning model, develop business applications with little to no code using Power Platform, and more! View our recommended popular solutions in the Education Hub at https://aka.ms/startedu. Build your hackathon project with the Microsoft Cloud that tackles a social impact issue of your choice, and have a chance to win a LinkedIn Premium 12-Month subscription and an XBox Ultimate 3-Month Game Pass.

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